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Pascack Valley Indoor Soccer League

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2019 Division 6 Tournament

As is the custom in the PVISL, we will be hosting a year-end tournament for the towns with D6 teams.
This year's tournament  will be conducted over two days - on March 17th and March 24th at Pascack Valley High School.  Hillsdale and River Vale will host the tournament as they have done for the last several years.
Games are Running Time, please be ready to go 10 minutes before the time listed below, and at the end of the game, quickly move off the gym floor.
Each team will play at least the equivalent of 1 and 1/2 extra games, or 3 (20 minute) mini games. 
All participants will receive medals.





Session 1

Sunday March 17th

11:40 AM Hillsdale New Milford Black
12:05 PM Montvale White Montvale Green
12:30 PM New Milford Black Hillsdale
12:55 PM Montvale Green Montvale White
1:20 PM New Milford Black Montvale White
1:45 PM River Vale Blue Montvale Green
2:10 PM Hillsdale River Vale Blue
2:35 PM New Milford Green Hillsdale
3:00 PM River Vale Blue New Milford Green
3:25 PM New Milford Green River Vale Blue
3:50 PM    

Session 2

Sunday March 24TH

11:40 AM River Vale White Park Ridge Maroon
12:05 PM Park Ridge Maroon Park Ridge White
12:30 PM River Vale White New Milford White
12:55 PM Park Ridge White Park Ridge Maroon
1:20 PM New Milford White Park Ridge White
1:45 PM New Milford White River Vale White
2:10 PM Woodcliff Lake White

River Vale Black

2:35 PM Woodcliff Lake Red Woodcliff Lake White
3:00 PM River Vale Black Woodcliff Lake White
3:25 PM Woodcliff Lake Red River Vale Black
3:50 PM River Vale Black Woodcliff Lake Red

Please advise your respective D6 team coaches and parents.

Reminder to coaches - Please bring pinnies or alternate color shirts

Thank you all for your participation in this tournament.

Visitor KICKS OFF!

NO ball playing or running in the hallways.

When not being consumed, caps must be firmly placed on all water/Gatorade bottles.

Please police your area, and make sure any garbage gets into trash cans
provided throughout the gym.

Have fun, and have your teams ready to play at ten minutes before your scheduled time

Should you have any questions, please see
Andrew Dinnell or a Hillsdale Soccer Delegate (With Hillsdale Shirts)
Paul Montopoli or a River Vale Soccer Delegate (With River Vale Shirts)

Any changes, corrections, or suggestions should be emailed to