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Pascack Valley Indoor Soccer League

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Constitution and By-Laws

amended 11-09-2007

A. Name
The name of the organization shall be the Pascack Valley Indoor Soccer League, Inc. It shall be a nonprofit corporation incorporated in the State of New Jersey.

B. Purpose
The purpose of the League is to provide a healthful, enriching and maturing experience for boys and girls, to promote understanding, sportsmanship and fellowship and to promote the sport of soccer. In doing so, guidelines and rules have been developed to conduct this program in a safe and organized manner, to guard the interest of all affiliated organizations and players, and to arrange formal contests among the affiliated teams.

C. Membership
Membership is open to any town in northern New Jersey, which agrees to abide by the rules, and meets all the requirements as set forth in the By-Laws.

D. League Administration
The power to administer the League shall stem from the Board of Directors who shall, as provided by these By-Laws, elect the Trustees. The Trustees will in turn, select from its membership, officers: President, Vice-President, Treasurer and Secretary. Each of these bodies and individuals shall perform their functions and duties as specified in these By-Laws.

E. Board of Director
1. All meetings shall be conducted according to the form prescribed in Robert's Rules of Order.
2. Each participating town in good standing shall appoint one Town Representative and one Alternate Town Representative who shall be a member of the Board of Directors and shall represent the town at all Board of Directors meetings.
3. A person wishing to fill both positions, Trustee and Town Representative, requires the approval of the Trustees, and that person is not eligible to vote on matters coming before the Board of Directors.
4. Only the Town Representative (or in his/her absence the Alternate Town Representative) may vote on matters coming before the Board of Directors.
5. Non-representatives may attend the Board of Directors meetings as observers, but may not vote or otherwise participate in the discussions except through their Town Representative.
6. The Trustees shall call at least three meetings of the Board of Directors each season, one prior to the season, one during the season, one after the season.
7. Additional Board of Directors meetings may be called at any time by a majority vote of the Trustees.
8. Two weeks notice, written or oral, shall be given of all Board of Directors meetings.
9. A town whose Town Representative or Alternate fails to attend two successive meetings shall be deemed not in good standing.
10. The business of the Board of Directors be:
     a.    To receive reports from the Trustees and all Standing Committees.
     b.    To nominate candidates for the Trustees at the Post-Season Meeting.
     c.    To propose changes to the Constitution and/or By-laws for consideration by the Trustees.
     d.    To propose Playing Rules changes for consideration of the Trustees.
     e.    To vote on amendments to the Constitution and/or By-Laws as proposed by the Trustees.
     f.      To vote on changes in Playing Rules as proposed by the Trustees.
     g.    To vote on the admission of new towns.
     h.    To vote on the suspension of towns.
11. All votes shall be decided by a majority of those Directors present. One-half of the eligible Directors shall constitute a valid quorum.
12. Not withstanding the above, the Board of Directors may vote to change provisions of the Constitution, By-Laws or Playing Rules by proposing the change at one meeting, then voting to approve the change at a subsequent meeting.
13. In the case of a tie vote, the President shall cast the deciding vote.
14. Members of the Trustees may attend and participate in the deliberations of the Board of Directors, but may not vote.
15. The Board at Directors shall approve all assessments proposed by the Trustees.
16. The Board of Directors shall approve all expenditures in excess of $500. 

F. Trustees
1. The Trustees shall consist of nine members elected by secret ballot following the Post-Season Meeting.
2. After serving three years a Trustee shall be subject to election.
3. One-Third of the Trustees will be elected each year. (Members of the initial Trustees shall be designated one-year. two-year, and three-year members by the drawing of lots.
4. Trustees may run for re-election.
5. Candidates for the Trustees will be nominated at the Post Season Meeting of the Board of Directors. To qualify, a candidate must be nominated and endorsed by a participating town and must have demonstrated an interest in the program and the League. Further he/she must specifically express a willingness to serve.
6. The election of the Trustees shall proceed as follows:
     a.    Secret mail ballots shall be sent to all eligible Town Representatives within one week of the Post-Season Meeting. The ballot will contain the name and affiliation of each candidate.
     b.    Ballots must be returned to the Secretary of the League within three weeks of the date of the Post-Season Meeting. The returned ballots are to be retained sealed. Ballots received after the closing date shall not be valid.
     c.    The Trustees shall meet within four weeks of the Post-Season Meeting when the ballots shall be opened and counted. Those candidates receiving the greatest number of votes shall be declared winners.
     d.    A meeting of the newly constituted Trustees shall take place within six weeks of the Post-Season Meeting.
     e.    The first order of business at the first meeting of the Trustees shall be the election of a president, vice president, secretary and treasurer.
     f.      The power to administer the League shall transfer to the new Trustees upon the election of the new officers.
7. A member of the Trustees may be removed from office by a majority vote of the Trustees for the following reasons:
     a.    Failure, in the opinion of the majority of the members of the Trustees, to carry out assigned duties.
     b.    Failure to attend three successive meetings or four meetings during a twelve-month period.
     c.    If the Trustee acted in an unlawful manner or, in the opinion of the majority of the Trustees, in a manner detrimental to the interests of soccer or the League.
     d.    In the event the Trustee changes his/her residence to no longer reside in the area of participating towns.
     e.    In the event the Trustee's town withdraws from the League.
8. The President will nominate replacements for any vacancies created on the Trustees subject to the approval of the Trustees. The replacement shall serve only until the next election.

G. The Business of the Trustees
1. The Trustees shall administer the operation of the League.
2. The Trustees shall propose to the Directors any changes in the Constitution, By-Laws or Playing Rules. The Directors are to receive written notification of any rule changes proposed by the Trustees prior to the Board of Directors meeting.
3. The Trustees shall perform, but not be limited to, the following functions:
     a.    Design the program and schedule.
     b.    Decide on the budget expenditures, assessments, fines, endorsements, sponsorships, and other financial matters that may come before them.
     c.    To develop a referee's training program, supervise its operation, develop a policy regarding referees and develop a program to assign referees to contests.
     d.    To check all facilities, select equipment and enforce the Playing Rules.
     e.    To enforce the registration rules and procedures and enforce penalties for violations.
     f.      To review applications of new towns prior to their presentation to the Board of Directors.
     g.    To review causes for suspension of towns prior presentation to the Board of Directors.
     h.    To accept resignations and/or withdrawals from the League.
     i.      To be responsible and have sole authority for the enforcement of the Constitution, By-Laws and Rules and Regulations of the League.
     j.      To decide on the interpretation of the By-Laws and have the power to make decisions on matters that may not be covered therein.
     k.    To provide the publicity and public relations for the League.
     l.      To be the custodian of all League property
     m.  To establish insurance programs for the protection of the League.
     n.    To take such action as it may perceive is in the best interests of the League.
     o.    The Trustees are empowered by the Constitution of the League (Paragraph G, subparagraph n) to levy assessments and fines for infringements and infractions of the League Playing Rules. The Trustees shall prepare from time to time a list of infringements and infractions and the attendant fines and assessments; these shall be made available to all towns.
     p.    Any town subject to the levying of a fine or assessment shall have the right to appeal the Trustees' decision to the Board of Directors subject to the provision that the fine or assessment in question shall be increased by 50% should the board deny the appeal.
     q.    The Trustees, in addition to the other stated provisions above, are empowered to assign demerits for infractions a of the League's rules. If a town has accumulated more than 5 demerits, its teams will not be allowed to participate in the playoffs. The number of demerits charged to a town can be reduced with a payment of $25 per demerit.
4. The duties of the officers shall be such as their titles, by general usage, would indicate and such as are required by law and such as may be assigned to them by the Trustees from time to time.
     a.    The President shall be the executive officer of the League and shall preside at all meetings and functions of the League.
     b.    The Vice-President shall perform all the duties of the President in his/her absence or inability to serve and shall assist him/her as necessary. In the event that the office of the President becomes vacant the Vice-President shall assume the office of the President only until the next election.
     c.    The Secretary shall conduct the general correspondence of the League and shall perform all such duties as are incident to the office. He/she shall be a member of the Public Relations Committee. He/she shall be responsible for keeping the By-Laws current. He/she shall prepare minutes for meetings.
     d.    The Treasurer shall be responsible for the receipt and disbursement of all funds of the League, shall keep a true and accurate account thereof; shall pay all bills duly authorized and approved, report at each regular meeting of the Trustees, shall submit an annual report in July based on the books. Accounting records must be audited by a committee appointed by the President. Such committee may not include the Treasurer. 

H. Meetings of the Trustees
1. All meetings shall be conducted according to the form prescribed in ROBERTS RULES OF ORDER.
2. The TRUSTEES shall meet at least ten times in a calendar year on a schedule determined by the members.
3. Additional meetings may be called by the President or by a majority of the Trustees.
4. Five members constitutes a valid quorum
5. All votes shall be decided by the majority of those Trustees present.
6. Meetings shall be conducted according to the agenda prepared by the Secretary prior to the meeting. TRUSTEES may request items to be placed on the agenda prior to the meeting.
7. Meetings shall consist of: Roll Call, Reading of the minutes, Communications, Officer's Report, Treasurers Report. Report of committees, Unfinished Business, New Business, Good of Soccer, Adjournment.
8. Forty-eight hours notice, written or oral, shall be given of all TRUSTEES meetings.
9. Minutes of all TRUSTEES meetings will be made available to each town contact, if requested. 

I. Committees:
The following eight permanent Standing Committees shall be established:
1. FINANCE COMMITTEE which shall be chaired by the Treasurer. Its functions shall be:
     a.    To prepare an annual budget.
     b.    To recommend assessments for approval by the Trustees and the Board of Directors.
     c.    To assist the Treasurer in his/her activities.
2. REFEREES COMMITTEE chaired by a Trustee. Its functions shall be:
     a.    To establish and conduct training programs for referees.
     b.    To approve referees qualifications.
     c.    To supervise the assignment of referees to games.
     d.    To review referees performance, and have the authority to remove same from future involvement.
3. REGISTRATION COMMITTEE chaired by a Trustee. Its functions shall be:
     a.    To enforce age requirements.
     b.    To acquire and distribute rosters.
     c.    To review violations, and report to the Trustees for action.
4. SCHEDULE AND PROGRAM COMMITTEE chaired by a Trustee. Its function shall be:
     a.    To develop Conference and Divisional formats for the entire program.
     b.    To acquire availabilities of all playing venues.
     c.    To develop a Schedule for all Conferences and Divisions.
5. PUBLIC RELATIONS COMMITTEE chaired by a Trustee (the Secretary). Its functions shall be:
     a.  To issue bulletins and news stories on a regular basis and distribute same to county and town publications.
     b.  To work with sponsors and other interested parties in the development of appropriate public relations material.
     c.  To develop programs and methods of publicizing the activities of the League among non-participating towns in the area
     d.  To keep participating towns informed of the activities of the League.
     e.  To arrange special events and awards events to generate publicity.
6. STATISTICS COMMITTEE chaired by a Trustee. The committee's responsibility is to collect and disseminate results and standings on a regular basis during the season. Its membership will include the Conference Statisticians.
7. GAMES CONDUCT COMMITTEE chaired by a Trustee (the Vice President). Its functions shall be:
     a. To hear, review and rule on protest applications.
     b. To review referee's performance, when appropriate, and make recommendations to the REFEREES COMMITTEE.
     c.  To review yellow and red card assessments and rule on appropriate sanctions.
     d.  To review any other game conduct matters that come to its attention and forward recommendations to the TRUSTEES.
9. The President may appoint the membership of other committees created by the TRUSTEES, as required for the operation of the League and the program. Such committees will have a specific terminating date.
10. The Chairperson of each committee may select up to four Town Representatives or Alternates to participate in the activities of the committee.
11. Each committee shall perform its functions and any additional assignments given it by the TRUSTEES.
12. The Chair of each committee shall make regular reports of the activities of said committee at each TRUSTEES meeting. Such reports may be given in writing if the chair cannot attend.
13. All actions of all committees shall be subject to the approval of the TRUSTEES.

J. Commendations and Objections
(For "Protests" see Playing Rules)
1. Commendations: A town may at any time through its Town Representative, commend a town, a coach, a player, a referee or other individual or group who have made an unusual effort on behalf of soccer or the League. Such commendations should be channeled through the Registration Committee.
2. Objections: A town may at any time, through its Town Representative, cite a town, coach, player, or referee or any other individual or group for violations of the rules of this Constitution and the Playing Rules or for conduct detrimental to the best interest of the sport or the League. Such objections should be channeled through the GAMES CONDUCT COMMITTEE.
     a.    The GAMES CONDUCT COMMITTEE shall verify the validity of all Objections in the same manner as a protest. If such an Objection is deemed justified, the GAMES CONDUCT COMMITTEE shall notify the offending party's Town Representative.
     b.    The GAMES CONDUCT COMMITTEE shall report all verified Objections to the TRUSTEES and shall keep a record of all such matters. Serious and/or repeated infractions of the rules by a town may subject it to suspension as provided by Paragraph J, sub-paragraph 4 SUSPENSIONS sections 4 and 5.
3. Suspensions:
     a.    The TRUSTEES may suspend a town from participation for:
          1.  Failure to pay its financial obligations, or
          2.  Failure to attend two (2) successive BOARD OF DIRECTORS Meetings, or
          3. Violation of age eligibility, or use of an ineligible player, will result in at least the
               forfeiture of all games the ineligible player played in.
          4. Failure to comply with rules and regulations of the League, or
          5. Actions deemed contrary to the best interests of the League and the sport.
     b.    In addition to the authority noted above, the Trustees are empowered, upon a proper hearing, to suspend a team for at least one game for failure to assure the proper behavior of its coaches and/or fans. Such an action would result in the forfeit of the game(s) effected.

K. Fiscal Year
The fiscal year of the corporation shall be July 1 to June 30.

L. Corporate Seal
The corporation shall have a seal and an emblem of such a design as the Board of Directors adopts.

M. THIS CONSTITUTION and BY-LAWS shall become the governing document of the league upon the majority vote of all the eligible Town Representatives.

Please Contact the League President it you notice any typographical errors.

For specific questions please contact the appropriate Town Director or Trustee.
Any changes, corrections, or suggestions should be emailed to