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Revised 12-25-2008

Marking the Gym Floor

Click here for printable version (pdf)

Please be sure that your gym floor is properly marked prior to each game.

Lines that should be placed:
  1. the goal line
  2. the touch line
  3. the penalty box area
  4. the penalty spot

The lines should be placed exactly as in the drawing below.  All dimensions remain the same regardless of the size of the gymnasium.

In addition:
  1. Extend the permanent painted center lines, which often don't go all the way to the edge of the gymnasium, to the walls.
  2. Mark any other areas along the side of the gym where the ball is considered "out".
  3. If you are using bleachers on one side of the gymnasium and not the other, the center line will shift and the goals, penalty box, etc. must also shift.  In that event, mark the kick-off spot in the center of the gym.

For specific questions please contact the appropriate Town Director or Trustee.
Any changes, corrections, or suggestions should be emailed to