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Reporting the Game Results

Rev 2-26-2014

  • The proper administration of the league requires the prompt reporting of all game results.  Failure to report by the evening of the day of the game will result in a fine.

  • The results must be reported on the evening of the game day.
                          -- Yes, even when the games end at 10 pm. --

  • Report the results via the Score Reporting Form on the home page.

  • The home team Representatives are responsible for reporting the results of their home games played at their home gymnasiums (including split slate games).

  • For multiple towns utilizing the same venue, with games on the same day, the respective home team's Representative is responsible for reporting scores.

  • If two teams regularly play their home games in a particular venue, i.e. Haworth vs Closter at NVDE, and they play against each other on a particular day, one of the teams will be designated as the home team in the schedule and the home team's Representative is responsible for reporting results.

  • In the event your town played a town from another conference -- it's no different from an in conference game - home team Representative is responsible for reporting

  • Division 2 scores should be reported with other games played at your home venue on the same form with your other games.

Reporting the Playoff Results

  • Report the results via the Score Reporting Form on the home page.

  • The town hosting the playoffs is responsible for reporting all games played at their respective venue. In the case of multiple towns that share one venue, divide up the reporting among the respective directors, or assign it to a volunteer. If you are having problems being there due to conflicts please assign a coach or parent to submit.

  • All games played at the venue, including neutral games, should be reported by the hosting town as soon after completion of the games as possible. Brackets cannot be updated unless scores are submitted in a timely manner.

  • All scores should be reported as close to the end of the game as possible but in no event should they be delayed to the following day.

  • Reporting for playoffs is Venue Specific and should be reported on the Score Reporting Form. The form is designed for "one" venue and up to four games per submission.

  • And don't forget, rosters ARE required for all playoff games as well!!!!


Your full cooperation on this aspect of the league would be greatly appreciated.  It will enable us to get the results and standings to the Internet, and hence to you, on a timely basis every week.

For specific questions please contact the appropriate Town Director or Trustee.
Any changes, corrections, or suggestions should be emailed to