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Pascack Valley Indoor Soccer League

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1. Cost --- the TOTAL cost to enter is $100.00 per town with additional fees if a town enters more than four teams.  In most cases towns are already covered for liability and accident team insurance through the NJYSL.

2. We offer an 8-game season plus playoffs for every team no matter where the team is in the standings.

3. The League is administered by a democratically elected Trustees Committee which operates under the supervision of a Board of Directors made up of a representative of each town. The Board makes the rules and the Trustees run the League.

4. Half your games are played "at home" at your school. You can enter the League with as little as six three-hour sessions during the January-February-March season. We can help arrange for your "home" gymnasium time.

5. We offer competition in five age brackets from under-8 to under-16 for boys and girls. We ask a town to enter with a minimum of three teams (U14, U12, U10). If you would rather enter the all-girls competition we also ask you to enter with a minimum of three teams (U14, U12, U10). 16-and-under boys and girls and co-ed under-8 competition is optional.

6. Please explore our web site ....... 
You will see how we handle the results, all the standings and the schedule of games. This information is
up-dated every Wednesday during the season. The site had over 20,000 hits last season.

7. This will be our 26th season and, we have been told, we have the best administered League around. Last season over 20 towns participated in our League.

8. We run a safe and healthy activity that has the support of parents and the children. We have not had a claim against our accident policy to date (knock on wood).

9. The League gives the children a chance to visit other towns and other venues. It's a League --- not just a place to play.

10. The League is divided into two skill levels (the Premier/Pascack Conference and the Valley Conference) to avoid unbalanced competition and it is also divided into North and South to avoid distant travel.

11. Our rules require that the players must reside in the town they represent in order to avoid recruitment conflicts and high pressure competition. There are some exceptions if your town has a permanent combined recreational program with another town or if several towns send children to the same high school.

12. All our referees are professionals and are certified by both the USSF as well as the League.

We would welcome the opportunity to visit with you and your coaches to answer the questions you surely will have.

For more information please contact:

Alan Jones, President

For specific questions please contact the appropriate Town Director or Trustee.
Any changes, corrections, or suggestions should be emailed to