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Pascack Valley Indoor Soccer League

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Valley Boys - Division 3

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Updated 3-25-2018


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        Closter (2)        
        Leonia HS New Milford Wh (2)    
        3/18 - 4:00pm      
  New Milford Wh (6)          
    New Milford HS   New Milford Wh (7)      
    3/17 - 8:00pm            
  Leonia (3)            

Above Games at time and venue indicated above


Pascack Hills HS
3/25 - 5:00pm

  Woodcliff Lake

Below Games at time and venue indicated below

        Woodcliff Lake (10)        
        Leonia HS Woodcliff Lake (5)    
        3/18 - 3:00pm      
        New Milford Gr (5)      

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