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2019 PVISL Team Registration

Revised 9-17-2017

At the bottom of this page you will find the link to our on-line registration.
Please read the following prior to clicking on this link.

If you encounter any problems, or have any suggestions for improvement, please send me an email with suggestions.

After reading these instructions, your first step is to click on the link at the bottom of this page.  This will take you to the Login page for registration.  Each Town will be assigned "One, and only one" username, with an accompanying password.  These will be unique and apply to your town only and will enable you to enter the registration area for your specific Town.  If you designate others to complete the registration, you will be responsible for giving them your Town's username and password and supervising their actions.

Step two - After logging in, you will be presented with a page similar to the sample listing shown below.  Your listing will contain the teams based on the information we received on your Intent Form as to which teams you will be fielding this season.  If there are errors in this list please inform Charlie and he will correct them (i.e. additional teams or less teams).

Team #Coaches #Players


Rutherford Boys Division 5 0 0 Mark Completed
Rutherford Boys Division 4 0 0 Mark Completed
Rutherford Boys Division 3 0 0 Mark Completed
Rutherford Boys Division 2 0 0 Mark Completed
Rutherford Girls Division 5 0 0 Mark Completed
Rutherford Girls Division 4 0 0 Mark Completed
Rutherford Girls Division 3 0 0 Mark Completed

Step 3 - Clicking on the appropriate team will bring you to the page for the selection of Coaches. A list of all coaches affiliated with your Town will be presented.


There are 2 Headings (see sample below) -
Current Coaches - these are the coaches that you have previously selected for this team; and Available Coaches - these are the coaches that are in our database that were certified and entered last year.
"Remove Coach from Team" will remove this person from affiliation with this particular team but leave him or her available for all other teams.  All coaches, even after selection for a particular team, will be available for all teams.
"Edit" will allow you to verify and change information as necessary for that individual.
Please double check that we have the correct (and all available) info for each coach.

"Delete" will delete this person from our database.  Only use this if they are no longer affiliated with any teams or your town.
"Add a New Coach" - If you have a new coach, then select the "Add a New Coach" link and enter the info for the new coach.  After hitting the "Save Changes" button, the new coach will be added to the database and be in the list of Available Coaches.  (Remember that this New Coach must take and pass the League's Coaches Orientation Course)

Current Coaches

Asst Coach, John Remove Coach from Team

Available Coaches

Add a New Coach

Head Asst Available Coaches Town Affiliation Edit Delete

Step four - To select a coach or assistant coach for this team, select either Head or Asst and this will add the selected coach to this team.  Selecting Head for one of the coaches will remove the Head selection from all remaining coaches for this team.  After selecting all appropriate coaches, press the "Add Coaches to the Team" button.  This will bring you to the Team/Player Registration Page.

On this page you will see the coaches you have just selected and the Available Players list.  The basic layout looks like this and functions similar to the Coaches Page:

Current Coaches

Head Coach - Selected Coach 1
Asst Coach - Selected Coach 2

Current Players

Previously Selected Player 1 Remove Player from Team
Previously Selected Player 2 Remove Player from Team
Previously Selected Player 3 Remove Player from Team

Available Players

Add a New Player
Click here to include 'playing up' players on the Available Players List
Click here to include both Girls and Boys on the Available Players List

Add Player 1 Available 1994-11-17 Edit Delete
Add Player 2 Available 1994-11-27 Edit Delete

Click here to complete the roster

Per the Coaches Page -
"Add" adds a player to this team and removed them from the Available Players list for this team and any other tean that them may be available for (i.e. moving up)
"Remove Player from Team" only removes the player from the "Team" and not from the "Database".
"Delete" removes the player from the Database and makes the Player or Coach unavailable.
"Add a New Player" enables you to add a player who wasn't previously in you town's database.
Also, please double check that we have the correct (and all available) info for each player by selecting Edit and then verifying the info in our database.

Note that there are 2 additional selections in the Available Players box:
Click here to include 'playing up' players on the Available Players List and
Click here to include both Girls and Boys on the Available Players List

If you need to register players that are younger than the official age for this division, then click on the " include 'playing up' " link and this will add a list of available younger players.  Selection of these younger players will permanently assign that player to this team for the season.

In addition, if you field your boys teams with girls as well, then select the "include both Girls and Boys" to bring up the list of available girls for this team.

To select a player for your team, select Add next to the player's name.  This will add the player to the team.  Perform this for all players that you need to add.  After selecting all players to be assigned to this team, click on the "Click here to complete the roster" link at the bottom of the page.  This will save your selections in the database and return a page with your selections.  You should print this confirmation page for future reference as you will not be receiving any email confirmations. The only additional selection on this page is Click here to build more teams that will bring you back to the Select a Team page.

When you return to the Select a Team page, you will see that the number of coaches and the number of players now shows in the appropriate boxes.  Once you have completed registering all players for this team, submit the team for registration.  Per our season schedule all teams need to be completed by December 1st.

Additional info regarding the procedures for registration can be accessed in the attached document by clicking this link "Registration Flow Doc".

To summarize:
1.  These forms should be filled out by either the Town Representative or the Team Coach or other designated representative.
2.  Coaches and players can be assigned to a team, un-assigned from a team, added to our database or deleted from our database as necessary.
3.  If you anticipate additional players or coaches, then keep your team "open" up until the Dec 1 deadline.
4.  After you complete the registration for the each Team by checking the box adjacent to the team, your data will be sent to Jeff for completion of the registration process.  At this point, follow Jeff's instructions in the "Registration Flow Doc"
5. If you have any questions or problems you can reach Charlie Arak, or Jeff Schneider via email or phone.  Both are listed on the Trustees page.

For specific questions please contact the appropriate Town Director or Trustee.
Any changes, corrections, or suggestions should be emailed to